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Frosty Feet

For many of us, winter means cold feet and dry, cracked heels. Winter is usually a slow down for self-care - down there! Here are some winter tips to change things up!

  • Warm those toes! Cotton holds moisture so go with wool socks.

  • Winter is an excellent time of the year to rid the polish and let those toenails breathe. A home pedicure with Epsom salt or Himalayan salt and natural pumice will take down those callused, cracked heels and place you in a blissful euphoria! Do not use anything sharp on those calluses.

  • Natural hydrating creams can help those heel cracks (fissures), mostly if you cover them with socks before bed. My favorite hydrating salve is body butter by doTERRA.

  • Boots! Choose boots that have a supportive arch and a wide toe box. Yes, you can find comfort and fashion all in one. If they have a flat footbed, add your custom orthotic or over-the-counter arch support to prevent plantar fasciitis. Natural wool linings are best for warmth.

  • Keep your feet healthy with yoga, pilates, barre, heel, and toe raises. Strong feet decrease your risk of foot problems and keep hips, knees, and backs smiling!

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