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When we discuss creating a new physical destination, we must bring awareness to our current mental state and awareness to our physical being. We must realize we already possess the most powerful tool we need to get us to our optimal health, and that is thought. Our thoughts and beliefs lead to emotions and actions, or lack of,  significantly impacting our current state of health. People that believe they can improve their health and reverse their current disease state can. Becoming aware of your thoughts and beliefs is where we commence. 

Mind-Body Connect:

Understanding that your thoughts can impact your health is imperative to start your journey. Now,  let's take a glance at the mind-body connection. Crying, whether for joy or sorrow, demonstrates a physical response to an emotional state. When we get news that upsets us, our hearts begin to race. I think you're getting the picture. Every thought and emotional reaction plays a role in our physical state of health. Awareness, is again, the fuel to get this party started!


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