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Get your groove on! Whether you love it or dread it exercise is beneficial for your health. What exercise did you ask? The one you'll do is the answer. If you're not out there pumping iron or crossing a finish line I recommend walking. Getting in the fresh outdoors is an elixir; combine that with the boost in endorphins and you'll be a much happier camper. 

Increase Your FLOW


One of the systems diabetes can affect the vascular system. The small blood vessels in the foot and toes can become compromised and lead to catastrophic results. The good news is that there are ways to improve your circulation. YES, exercise! When you increase the demand for oxygen in your muscles, new vessels form (angiogenesis). These new vessels can be lifesaving and limb-saving. Walking is a great way to achieve this.

Stop smoking. YOU CAN! Smoking causes a spasm of arteries (vasoconstriction), decreasing blood flow. Smoking in combination with Diabetes is lethal. 

Treadmill Walking
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