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Functional Nutrition:

Please, fad diets no more! Eat for health! The MOST important vehicle to good health is nutrition. It is possible to enjoy food that will make you well, I promise! Did you know we are made of 30 trillion cells? It may help to think of your body as a factory and each cell as a worker with many jobs to keep everything running smoothly. When we eat poorly, the factory workers must work much harder to get their jobs done. When we eat healthily, it's a breeze. The human body is very resilient and compensates for our mistakes until, of course, it can't, and disease creeps in sometimes suddenly and sometimes abruptly. When we think of cellular health, it can help us make better choices.

What would happen if...

we gave our bodies just what they needed? When we discuss nutrition like everything else, we must start with awareness! If we don't know the best dietary choices how can we make them? Understanding what nutrients fuel the body is key. It's also important to realize what foods are causing the most harm. 

Fall Salad
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